How Understanding Maps Can Help You Make Progress As A Developer 🔊

You can’t call yourself an explorer without a map

The picture of a female tourist, looking at a map outside the train station.
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A tourist map showing Sydney Central Business District and surrounding suburbs. It shows the location and path of rail services, some restaurants, cafés, shops, markets, pubs, bars, clubs and places with live music.

The best representation of the territory is not a map, it's the territory itself.

A map showing all the planets from the Solar System relative to the Sun. Although their individual size is reasonably accurate relative to each other, they can't accurately show their relative distance. If you try to do it, you won't be able to fit all the planets. Even if the Moon were only one pixel, Mars would have to be at more than 100 meters of distance from it.

A map is for the territory what a Turing Complete programming language is for the runtime.

A map is for the territory what one of the many software development techniques are for the system that needs to be created without bugs.

The map is for the territory what the theory is for the practice.

The map is an abstraction and the territory is the reality. Use the map as a tool to help you comprehend the reality, don't try to explore reality without an efficient map.

You’ll never be able to comprehend everything, but having more than one map will be the most effective way to comprehend everything you need to.

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