"Too Hot, Too Cold" Organizations

Guess what? Either way, you die.

The picture of two cartoon characters. One is wearing winter clothes, shaking from the cold weather. The other is wearing summer clothes, sweating from the hot weather.
A bi-dimensional chart that shows the mood of a "Too Hot, Too Cold" organization. The horizontal axis represents the periods in a year as Month 1, Month 3, Month 6, Month 9, and Month 12. The vertical axis represents a range from Cold to Hot, with a "zero" in the middle to represent the maximum balance. There's a line jumping from "very hot" to "very cold" in very short periods. The direction of the line is straight up and down in diagonals.

Bad fund management and not setting deadline expectations are some of the many reasons for the "Too Hot, Too Cold" effect.

The same chart as before, only now the line doesn't touch the boundaries of "very hot" or "very cold". It remains afloat in the middle. Note also that the line is not straight up or down, it undulates, showing that an organization has acquired the ability to switch between moods smoothly not drastically, therefore minimizing the psychological effect.

If it's too hot, people make silly mistakes and ignore stuff that can make them more productive; if it's too cold, people over-engineer and focuses on unnecessary stuff that's going to consume most of their time.

I believe ideas should be open/free. This is a non-profit initiative to write about challenging stuff you won’t find anywhere else. ~7 min post every few weeks.

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